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"Perryn Pomatto, as author JM Barrie, was spectacular."

         -Tom Kane, Brooklyn Eagle

Perryn's performance debut arrived on his first day of nursery school.  Seeing a small rug in front of pews filled with children Perryn strode to that carpet and sang a few Sunday school songs. Upon completion of his set the other children clapped, he bowed, and then took his place among his peers.  Exclaimed the teacher "Wow! I've never seen that before!"  Since then Perryn has sung, acted and, when necessary, danced all over this great country.  He has performed with Tony and Academy Award winners and had the honor of workshopping new productions by award winning playwrights Marsha Norman and James McClure – sparking his life-long passion for developing theater and film.  Perryn originated the role of JM Barrie in Jake Lloyd’s musical The Lost Boys, Or An Awfully Big Adventure and Alex in Vampingo Productions musical on life in the theatre Buzz: Son of a Bee, An Actor’s Life for Me among many others.  He wrote, directed and performed for the egarage web comedy group The Grease Monkeys. Currently Perryn is developing This Encounter May Now Begin, a new web series based on his experiences as a Standardized Patient.

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